The best way to meet Singapore girls

How to meet girls in Singapore?

Picking up Singapore girls

Singaporean girls are HOT! Classy little minxes who wear sexy clothes, have real attitude and just look damn sexy. So how do you pick up or meet a Singaporean girl?

The simple answer - it is not easy but it is not impossible. Singaporean girls usually come from conservative, rich families. Usually they only date Singaporean men though you will find plenty of Singaporean girls who are open to dating Western men.

Unlike other cities in Asia like Jakarta and Manila, it is not as easy as going to the large shopping malls and mongering about and walking up and talking to a girl. The Singapore girls at shopping centres are there to do shopping not meet men. Your best bet is to go to the many classy bars in Singapore. For one thing the girls who hang out in barsSingapore like to drink and have a good time.

You will find Singapore girls quite approachable and easy to chat to. Singapore girls are definitely very friendly. They may not be interested in dating a Western men though they will be happy to chat with you which is the first step to meeting a girl to date or shag. Some of the best bars in Singapore to meet girls is around Clarke Quay like Le Noir (very classy and expensive), The Pump Room (great for live music) and Se7en 1nch which has some great music and plenty of pool tables which is good for breaking the ice, get a game of pool going and start chatting. There are heaps more bars in Clarke Quay so if the bar you go to does not have much action just stroll along to the next bar.


Another option for meeting girls in Singapore is to look out for expat girls. That is Western women living in Singapore. The typical expat women living in Singapore is in her late 20s to early 30s so in their sexual prime. They are earning good money, living in Singapore for some experience away from which every boring town they come from, they like to drink and they usually like to party. You will find lots of American girls, English girls, Irish girls and Australia girls living in Singapore as well as a mix of European girls like French and German girls.

The best thing about expat women is they generally do not date Singaporean or Asian men and unfortunately for them, expat men are not interested in them as they are usually too busy chasing the hot Singaporean women or the cheap hookers in Orchard Towers or Brix Bar. So you got an expat girl, with money to burn, ready to party and horny for some Western guy to give them a good shag.

Another good way to meet a Singaporean girl is internet dating. So many people are using internet dating sites to meet a partner so why not try it in Singapore. With internet dating you have a captive audience of women who are online looking to meet someone. For a small fee to join and send messages you don't have to go out and spend a fortune at the expensive bars in Singapore with a hope of finding someone. In the comfort of you home or hotel room it is not hard to browse profiles, look for a heap of cute Singapore girls and shout them a message. If you don't get a reply, don't worry just keep searching profiles. The girls who are interested will reply and strike up a conversation.

Some tips for internet dating - make sure you have a few recent pics of yourself in your profile. 1 pic is not enough as a girl will want to check out various photos to see how you really look. You would also want to see a few pics of the girl to get a good sense of how she looks, not just the glamour shot they got done to look their best. You may also want to see a full body shot, as fat chicks can have real pretty faces too! Also if your pics are out of date, more than 2 or 3 years old the girl may be disappointed when she does eventually meet you. Don't put that photo of youself from 10 years ago before you lost your hair and gained 20 kilograms!!

When you send a message to a girl on a dating site, don't just send a message saying 'Hi. Fancy a shag?' Come on guys if that doesn't work in nightclubs it aint going to work on dating sites. You will have to show some inteligence and strike up a conversation. Don't just reply with short 1 line answers, put some effort in your reply and ask a question at the end to keep the conversation going. You may have to send 10 or more replies to strike up the conversation so be patient. Then you could ask if they have Skype to see if you have a video call with them to check them out more before you ask if they are interested in meeting.

One of the best internet dating sites to meet Singaporean girls is You will find hundreds of girls online at most times. The best times to get on are in the evenings. As I write this article at 7pm Singapore time there are over 220 women online. You can register on for free and browse profiles. If you want to be able to send messaages to the girls online the minimum you have to pay is $34.99 for a 1 month membership. If you do join up remember to turn to auto-renew off otherwise they will keep charging you each month.


Good luck with the Singapore Girls. Have fun and play fair!

If you don't get lucky with a Singapore girl then head to Orchard Towers on Orchard Road (refered to as the Four Floors of Whores) or Brix Bar at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, both these places have plenty of Asian hookers who will be happy to go home with you for a fee!

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