How to meet ladyboys in Bangkok

Meet ladyboys Bangkok

If you are a ladyboy lover and not just looking to pick up a ladyboy escort or hooker, but looking to meet ladyboys for a friend, lover or just some casual sex then you should not have too much fun finding the right ladyboy in Bangkok. (Check our our Ladyboy Boy Lovers article for more about men who love ladyboys).

It is true that alot of ladyboys in Thailand turn to the sex business to make money to pay for expensive boob implants, plastic surgery and all the sexy clothes and makeup. But not all ladyboys in Thailand are working girls.

Ladyboys make up around 1% of the Thailand population, that is over 670,000 ladyboys in Thailand, and with the population of Bangkok at around 6.5 million people that is arond 65,000 ladyboys in Bangkok.

If you spend enough time in Bangkok you will ladyboys working in lots of different places, restaurants, travel agencies, office workers, nurses and you will also start to notice the ladyboys just moving about the city minding their own business, not the ladyboys most foreign guys will experience, the ones trying to grab your crutch out the front of beer bars.

So how can you meet a normal ladyboy. One that is after a friendship or relationship?

You can start by saying hello to the ones you meet in the shops or see on the streets, through this is just as hard as picking up a girl in the street or her normal workplace.

One of the best ways to meet a ladyboy in Bangkok is via internet dating sites. One of the best sites in which can have over 200 ladyboys online in the busy times of the day, mainly early evening. Yes some of these are working girls, looking to take your money for sex. Some are looking for relationships. And others are just some very horny ladyboys who want horny fun with a foreigner with a big cock.

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Meet horny ladyboys in Bangkok

Here is some examples of some conversations on

Ladyboy: Hi

Me: hi babe. wow you are SEXY! I like your pics. Very sexy body

Ladyboy: Thx u dear . Where are u?

Me: I am in Sukhumvit Bangkok. Are you far away?
You want some horny fun?

Ladyboy: No not far I stay silom near to u. Yes want horny fun . Let me know if u want

Me: yes I want some horny fun.

You like to top or bottom? Do you have a big tool?

Ladyboy: Ok lets meet I both it ok for you. Yes I have big. 16 cm

Me: OK sounds good. I got 20cm, hope you like to try. You just want fun or you want money??

Ladyboy: I love big dear. You want meet now? No money, just fun. I horny watch porn here.. very horny now

Me: Ok babe. Let's meet now. I am very horny too. Can you come here? Give me your phone number


And the rest I will leave to your imagination! This is just one of many stories of horny ladyboys in Bangkok looking for horny fun with foreign guys. is not like other dating sites that you have to pay to send messages. You can join for free and send 1 message every 15 minutes. So if you are patient you can have a converstaion or ask up front for their skype address or whatsapp. Many of the girls on have their phone number or whatsapp or line address in their profile so it is so easy to chat without paying.

if you are a bit impatient and want to be able to send lots of messages quickly then you do have to pay but it is quite inexpensive at $24.95 for a 1 months subscription.

Well worth a try. Give it a go. You will not be disappointed.

And for those curious, the ones who are looking for money don't expect much. Most of the ladyboys on there who have asked for money usually ask for 2000 baht to spend all night (not just short time). That is like US$60 for all night fun. Bargain!

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