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There are ladyboys (referred to katoeys in Thai) all throughout Thai society. Transsexuals, she-males or ladyboys are accepted into Thai society and you will find ladyboys working in restaurants, hotels and other normal professions throughout Thailand. A lot of ladyboys in Thailand head to the tourist areas to make money from foreigners selling their bodies for sex.

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Ladyboys in Bangkok

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Lady boys in Thailand

There are different types of ladyboys going through different stages of transition to be the most lady like possible. Here are some different type of Ladyboys in Thailand:

Cross Dressers - these are just Thai men (either gay or straight) who dress up as women to try to make some money, Generally you can pick these cross dressers as they generally look like men dressed as women.

Surgically enhanced - these are men who have varying degrees of plastic surgery to make them more lady like. Most have boob jobs to give them false breasts and some even have face surgery to feminize their faces to look more like women, thinning the nose, jaw line and enhancing the cheeks. They can even have surgery to reduce the size of the adams apple making it harder to tell if they are a man or woman. They still have fully functional cocks that get hard. These can either be bottoms (take it up the arse) or tops (fuck your arse)

Hormone replacement - the next step after having all the surgery including breast implants is to go on a course of female hormones which will change their bodies to be more feminine. The hormones reduces hair growth on the body and face and will affected their penis, reducing it's size and many will no longer be able to get a full erection or sustain an erection.

Full Transsexual - these are lady boys who have been on hormone treatment and had the full female transition surgery, breast implants or naturally grown breasts from the hormones, facial gentrification surgery and had their penis removed and a vagina sculptured. The surgery is quite good these days so their pussies will look like a real pussy.

Ladyboys in Thailand

Here are some of the colourful expressions people around the world use for ladyboys:

Ladyboys, Transvestites, transsexuals, new-half, she-male, shim, tranny, cross dressers, chicks with dicks, sluts with nuts, chick with a pussy stick.

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Another great way to meet a ladyboy in Bangkok is to use internet dating sites. Some of the ladyboys on these dating sites are looking to make money though others are looking for friends, boyfriends or some casual sex. Some sites like have a search function to find ladyboys. can have over 200 ladyboys on each day. You can narrow your search down to only search for ladyboys in any city in Thailand. You can sign up for a free membership which allows you to search and browse profiles and you can send 1 message every 15 minutes. If you want to be able to send more messages you will need to join as a paying member which costs as little as $24.95 for 1 month subscription.

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