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The Philippines in one of the countries in Sth East Asia which has a high percentage of ladyboys (shemales - transsexuals). Many of the ladyboys move to Manila, the capital city of the Philippines. Many of the ladyboys turn to the sex industry to make money, either working as an escort, work as a prostitute in a brothel or massage parlour.

Filipino ladyboys are some of the most beautiful ladyboys in the world. Tall, soft skin, beautiful faces and rocking bodies. In Manila you will find a mix of pre-op TS ladyboys (chicks with a dick) and post-op (full gender reassignment with breasts and pussy).

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Just curious about Ladyboys?

If you are curious and would like to see how sexy the Filipino ladyboys are then a good starting point are the ladyboy cabaret shows available in Manila.

Club Mwah is a classy high end night club that does extravagent and lavish dance/musical sex comedy shows. Adults only ofcourse! Club Mwah is located in Mandaluyong City which is just along from Makati City. All the performers are transsexuals and some of the hottest you will find. is another ladyboy cabaret which has shows in both Manila and Cebu Philipinnes.


Where to meet ladyboys in Manila

Online dating to meet ladyboys in Manila

If you are looking at more than just checking out the sexy Filipino ladyboys then there are a few options for meeting.

If you are looking to date a ladyboy then you can try your luck meeting in public. You will see ladyboys in Manila in the usual public places of shopping centres, coffeeshops etc. As with meeting girls you have to have good game and be confident to go up to them and intruduce yourself and hold a decent conversation. This is hard work! As wth approaching girls in public expect alot of knock backs!

The best option is to try internet dating. Here the ladyboys are online looking to meet someone for a relationship or a bit of fun. You will find a lot of ladyboys on the dating sites are actually working girls though there are still plenty of others looking for a relationship. is a free dating site which has women and ladyboys online. It is free to join and then you can send 1 message every 20 minutes. If you are not patient and want to send more messages then you can join as a paying member which will allow you to send unlimited messages. has hundreds of ladyboys registered. During the day there can be around 20 or more ladyboys logged in from Manila. During the evenings this can go up to 50 or more.

P4P with a ladyboy in Manila

Online dating to meet ladyboys in Manila

If you don't mind P4P (Pay for Play) then there are heaps of options to find a sexy ladyboy in have sex with.

Burgos Street is one of the main entertainment, red light districts of Manila. Burgos Street is located just a few minutes away from the centre of Makati. The street is lined with late night bars with heaps of bar girls. There is also 1 ladyboy bar called Mixed Nuts on Burgos Street. Mixed Nuts is open to very early in the morning 2am - 3am everynight of the week. You can go inside and enjoy relatively cheap drinks and chat to the ladyboys working there. Most nights there are anywhere from 10 - 15 ladyboys. When they come to chat to you they will ask you to buy them a lady drink which will cost around 350 pesos. Part of the cost of the drink will go to the ladyboy. If you like any of the ladyboys you can ask them to come back to your hotel for a bit of horny fun.

Along Burgos Street you will also find lots of street walkers, ladyboy prostitutes hanging out on the street waiting for customers. It will not be hard to work out which ones are working. As you walk past they wont be shy and ask if you want a massage. Stop and talk and you will find most will offer you more than just a massage.

The ladyboys on the streets will charge you anywhere from 1000 Pesos up to 2000 Pesos for 1 hour service. Most will ask for much more like 2500 - 3000 Pesos though you can bargain them down.

Manila TS Escorts

Check out our new Ladyboy Forum - read TS Escort reviews. Post your own questions.

There are lots of shemale TS escorts available in Manila. Many of them advertise their services on, Craigslist or Backpage, while others have their own websites where you can. The best looking ladyboys advertising on the internet and charge a higher price because they are HOT! Some of the ladyboys in the internet will charge 2000 - 2500 pesos for 1 hour. The hottest ladyboys charge 3000 Pesos for 1 hour to visit you in your hotel.

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