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There are quite a few ladyboys (shemales) in Bali who either live there or are visiting from Jakarta to try to make some money. Indonesian ladyboys are usually much taller than Indonesia girls and vary from full ladyboys (chicks with dicks - with breat implants) and others are more transvestites, guys dressed up like girls, with no breast implants. Occassional ladyboys from Philippines or Malaysia also visit Bali and offer their services on the side to subsidise their holiday.

Most of the ladyboys in Bali are freelance prostitutes, making money by having sex with men for money. If you are looking for ladyboys in Bali then you should not have any trouble finding one.

You will find ladyboys in the popular nightlife areas of Bali like Kuta, Legian and Seminyak.

In Kuta you will mostly find the ladyboys on the streets, rather than in the bars. The ladyboys in Kuta usually hang out along Jalan Legian (Legian Street) close to the corner of Poppies Lane II, just across from the Bali Bombing memorial. They usually appear later at night after 10pm.

In Legian you will also find the ladyboys on the street as well as in some of bars down near the beach on Jalan 66 - Double Six Beach.

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Ladyboys Bali Indonesia

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