Jakarta Bar Girls

Jakarta Bar Girls

Jakarta has a very active night life with plenty of bars and plenty of bar girls either looking to make some money or looking for a western boyfriend husband. Some of the girls who work to make money are referred to in Indonesian as 'Kupu kupu malam' - night butterflies. Prostitution is illegal in Indonesia though the authorities have no way of policing which girls are there to make money and which are there to have a good time.

It is not hard to pick a kupu kupu malam as they will make eye contact with you as soon as you walk in to a bar. Even if they are sitting across the over side of the bar they will keep looking at you and wave and motion for you to come join them.

Jakarta bar girl dancing

You can take a Jakarta bar girl back to you hotel for massage or more from 500,000Rp up to 1,000,000Rp depending on how attractive they are. The really attractive girls will not budge from their price as they know they will attract someone else if you do not pay what they want. The less attractive ones are prepared to bargain. Also there are plenty of girls who are just looking for a good time so they wont charge you anything or they may just ask for some money to get a taxi home, around 50,000Rp is usually enough.

Best Bars to Pick up girls in Jakarta

There are a number of bars in Jakarta which you are guaranteed to find bar girls. It is not hard to pick up girls in these bars. If you have to pay them money is up to the girl and how good looking you are.

The number 1 pick up place in Jakarta is BATS Bar in the Shangri-la Hotel in Central Jakarta. BATS is open every night of the week with live music and a good selection of bar girls. Lots of other women go to BATS for the live music though it's easy to tell the difference as they will not pay attention to you.

Tiga Puluh in Le Meridian Hotel is another good bar with live music and lots of girls dancing and singing and looking for a good time.

Burgundy Bar in the Grand Hyatt Hotel can be a bit hit and miss. During the week the bar is very quiet and sometimes has girls sitting there by themselves. Weekends it gets alot busier and the bar girls come along too.

In South Jakarta you will find a number of bars close together in the Blok M district. These bars are more casual and relaxed then the larger bars in the large 5 star hotels. Their are plenty of bar girls throughout these bars and usually charge a bit less than what you will get asked for in the 5 star hotel bars

Nana Entertainment Plaza is the next best place to go with 3 floors of bars with plenty of bar girls and live shows inside. Nana Entertainment Plaza is located on Soi 4 just off Sukhumvit Rd. You can get there by catching the BTS Skytrain to Nana station.


Meet an Indonesian Girl in Jakarta

One of the easiest ways to meet an Indonesian girl while you are in Jakarta is via internet dating sites. There are plenty of Indo girls who look for western men on these sites. Some are looking for a boyfriend / husband, some maybe looking to make money though there are plenty just looking for a good time with a western guy. You will be surprised at how many horny Jakarta girls are online looking for some horny fun.

One of the best sites to try is Indonesiacupid.com. Indonesia Cupid has a heap of girls in Jakarta and very easy to send emails or instant chat. Alot of Jakarta girls are quite modern and open minded so easy to flirt with them and get straight to the point of what you are looking for. No point wasting time. Read more about how easy online dating is in Indonesia



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