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So you are going on holidays and want to meet a local Indonesian girl for a bit of fun or maybe even find a serious girlfriend. Why wouldn't you want to meet an Indonesian girl? They are some of the most beautiful girls in South East Asia. Beautiful petite girls with big brown eyes, soft skin with tight sexy bodies and they love sex.

You can go to the bars all over Indonesia and find girls who are not shy though the girls that hang out in the bars usually do this all the time and they maybe easy to pick up but most are looking for some money. One of the easiest ways to meet Indonesian girls is via Internet dating sites. You can plan ahead and chat with girls even before you arrive and have dates lined up for as soon as you arrive. The best dating site for meeting an Indo girl is The examples written in this article are all from experiences on Indonesian Cupid but check the bottom of the page for a list of dating sites for Indonesia.

Sexy Indonesian bikini girl

To give you an idea of why Indonesian Cupid is the best, at most times during the day or evening there are over 500 girls online. I have used this site many times to meet a girl /girls on trips to Bali and to Jakarta. You can do a filter search for the location you are going to. As I write this article, it is 7.40am in Jakarta and there are already 285 girls online. Most girls post up several photos of themselves which is a good way to get a feel for how they look. Of course the girls post up their best photos but seeing several different pics is a good way to gauge how good looking they are.

There are still plenty of girls online who are looking for money. They will ask you for a gift or come straight out and name their price, Generally they will not ask for alot of money, maybe 1,00,000Rp (around $100) for a night of passion. I have had girls from Jakarta ask me to just pay for their flight from Jakarta to Bali and spend a weeks holiday with me. Here is an example of an email I received asking for a gift:


hy nice pic? i am good looking 32, tall local sex too

but this time i need some gift because in money trouble...

what do u prefer...whre do you stay..i just want with caucasian..are u?


Here is another one after swapping acouple of nice hello messages and just came out and named her price:


my rates are 1 mill for and hour or 1.5 for two hours.(straight sex)
or if you want something kinky like anal or to dominate me then it's 1.5 for an hour and 2 mil for 2 hours. if you have any requests that are a bit different then just ask and we can work something out

The majority of girls on the dating sites are not so direct. Most are looking for a foreign boyfriend and some are just wanting a fling with a western guy just to try the difference.


Seeing the pics of the girls is one thing but as I mentioned above most put up their best model photos. Now with technology you can get to have a video chat before you meet. Many of the girls I have chatted to have suggested chatting on Skype.

Most Indonesian girls are not shy. If you get a bit flirty and ask to see more pics of their body some will be happy to send you more pics. Here are some examples of pics I have received from girls chatting online.

Nude Indonesian girl from Jakarta   Half naked sexy Indonesian girl - bare bum Sexy girl from Surabaya Indonesia

Here are some examples of the experiences chatting with Indo girls on the dating sites. I was going to Bali for a 10 holiday and joined up on Indonesian cupid to look for a holiday fling. I was surprised how many girls where online and how many sent an Interest or sent an email. So many where from Jakarta even though my profile was setup for Bali. Still plenty of girls from Bali to choose from.

I saw a very sexy girl and sent her an email. She said that she was from Kalimantan but was living and working in Bali. She said that she worked at Spider Bar in Legian, which is very much a pick up bar with working girls. We swapped a few emails then exchanged Skype address. We got on video chat and she was laying on her bed while she chatted to me. She was just wearing a long tshirt. After a bit of flirting it was not long before she was lifting her t-shirt and showing me her panties and flashing her breasts. Very sexy indeed but turned out she was looking for some money so I did not go to meet her (though thought about spending the cash to get her naked).

Over acouple of nights I swapped so many email, had a bunch of video chats with girls in Bali and Jakarta. I ended up only meeting 1 girls when I got to Bali and we had not video chatted, just swapped pics and chatted alot on Yahoo messenger. Another good tip, as well as Skype, most Indonesian girls use Yahoo messenger to chat on so best to have this installed before you join up dating sites so easy to switch over to Yahoo IM.

The girls I met was a real cutie from Bandung who had been living in Bali for 6 months. She worked as an office worker and at no point hinted at money. We chatted about what sort of restaurants she like and she came across as just a down to earth, good Indonesian girl. She was just happy to go to a cheap Warung for something to eat but I did end up taking her to very nice restaurants probably spending a months salary for her on just 1 meal.

We planned to go for dinner the first night that arrived. When I booked my flight I realised that I didn't land at Bali airport until 10pm. I told her it would be too late to go for dinner but she was happy to come to my villa and have some drinks. I told her to bring her bikini so we could go for a swim in the villa. I then told her it was a private pool so she didn't need a bikini as she could swim naked. She said she had never done that before and was keen to try though would need to have a couple of drinks first as she was nervous.

I got to Bali and she came to meet me at the villa. She was prettier than the photos I had seen with a nice sexy body. I checked the minibar and there were only 2 beers. She didn't hesitate to say she would go get more and refused to take any money to pay for the beers. She jumped on her bike and went and got a 6 pack down the road at a convenience store. She came back and said she was nervous about swimming naked and wanted to drink. We sat and chatted and drank 1 beer. As we opened the second beer she said she wanted to go nude swimming so we stripped off and got in the pool. She had such a hot body and was not long before we were in the pool kissing with her legs wrapped around me. She worked 6 days a week so I could only see her during the evenings which was fine by me. We went out for lots of dinners and she spent the nights with me and went to work in the morning. We had a great time and at no point did she ask for money. I did spend money going out to dinner but that is so cheap in Bali it didn't matter. A few times she would come over from work and had bought some beer to put in the fridge. Nice girl.

So my summary is it is not hard to find a good Indonesian girl who is not just looking for money. There are a heap of Indonesian hotties online. It may be a bit of work to sift through the ones just looking for money but it is not hard. Give it a go I am sure you will be surprised how easy it is.


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