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Asian Relax is a massage centre in Kabuki-cho Shinjuku Tokyo which has Thai massage. There is straight Thai massage or you have the option for a oil or powder massage which comes with a happy ending. No other sex is available here.

The staff are friendly towards foriegners and speak good English to explain the different prices.

The girls at Asian Relax are mostly Thai. Most do not speak English though give a great traditional Thai Massage. They start by taking you to the shower and giving you a shampoo shower, washing your body all over. The girls remain clothed. They then take you to the private room for a Thai Massage and happy ending if you chose the oil or powder massage.

Asian Relax is open from 12 noon to 5am 7 days a week


Last updated 8th October 2013

Asian Relax Traditional Thai Massage Kabuki-cho

Prices at Asian Relax:

Traditional Thai Massage:


60 minutes ¥6000

90 minutes ¥9000

120 minutes ¥12,000


Powder massage:


60 minutes ¥9000

90 minutes ¥12000

120 minutes ¥15000


Oil Massage:


60 minutes ¥10000

90 minutes ¥13000

120 minutes ¥16000


Asian Relax also charge an additional ¥500 for the use of the towel.

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  Directions how to get to Asian Relax Thai Massage

From Shinjuku Station exit onto Yasukuni-dori Avenue which is the main road.

Enter Kabuki-cho under the Kabuki-cho Entrance pictured below and follow this street right to the end, around 500 meters.

Walk down this road for around 50 meters and you will find Asian Relax on the left hand side. You will see the big sign up on the 2nd floor.

Have Fun!

  Asian Relax Reviews

Review submitted 1st March 2013 - from Jeff

This is a wonderful massage parlor. Clean, friendly staff, and Mika (sorry, no english) was very attractive, kind, and gave a fantastic massage. I was extremely satisfied.

The massage is done in a small but adequate size room with only a curtain covering the hallway, but it was sufficiently private. The very thin mattress on the floor was a bit hard and I would prefer a table, but it was wonderful regardless. I highly recommend this place!

Review submitted 20th September 2011 - from Pete

I went in to Asian Relax for a massage on a Saturday afternoon. The guy at reception spoke good English and explained the prices. I chose the 1 hour oil massage. I did not get to choose a girl though the girl I got was a very pretty Thai girl. She spoke very good Japanese but she didn't speak English. She gave an excellent massage and happy ending. She lay down next to me while giving the happy ending. She let me touch her arse but not put my hand down her panties. At the end I put my hand down her top and played with her nipple but that was about it. No other services were offered. Still a great massage and the shower was enjoyable both before and after the massge.

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